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Bioresonance Therapy or moratherapy (it’s an acronym of its inventors, Morell and Rasche) is an energy and therapeutic method coming from holistic medicine, which uses electromagnetic waves to treat body illnesses. It is scientifically proven that any person has got an electromagnetic spectrum. The regulatory processes of our body are disturbed by bad frequencies such as Wi-Fi and mobile phone radiation exposures. Bioresonance Therapy works in this context,  stimulating the body to be self-regulating and to find the energetic balance. This type of therapy is particularly useful for people who are disappointed by traditional methodologies in the treatment of illnesses such as food allergy or intolerance, inhalation allergy, poison or virus intoxication, metabolic diseases and inflammatory conditions. Many cases of success have been recognized in case of asthma, bronchitis, chronic eczema and pains of different nature such as neuralgia, migraine, headache and pre-menstrual syndrome. Bioresonance Therapy has not got any contraindications, and also children can afford this treatment.


During the first session of Bioresonance Therapy BIOCOM, a check-up is carried out to identify the bioelectric activity of the body and to value its global status. The diagnosis is similar to an electrocardiogram: two electrodes are brought into contact with hands and feet. Later, there is the therapeutic phase where the patient’s electromagnetic oscillations can be distinguish into harmonic oscillations (healty ones) from disharmonic oscillations (pathological ones). Disharmonic frequencies are changed into harmonic frequencies and they are together  conveyed into the body. This implies the reduction or even the complete elimination of pathological frequencies and the consequent rehabilitation of the regulatory process of the body.

Fondo Brugarolo proposes Bioresonance Therapy BIOCOM treatment every 20 days for 4-10 months based on the types of the pathologies. This global therapy could be associated with more localized treatments on the part of the body which requires more attention. This therapy takes place in a relaxing centre immersed in the calm of Brianza’s countryside, a few steps away from Bergamo and Milan. This is the ideal location for a healthy treatment of wellness.



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