Colombi Farms strictly follows the rules of biodynamic breeding, we firmly believe that we are the result of what we eat, which is the result of how we treat the living beings that surround us and Nature in general. Our products are NATURAL 100% for a simple reason, because they are our primary source of support, our business is the result of a lifestyle that has been handed down to us by our mother and our dad, so there has been no Nothing more spontaneous than transferring it to our collaborators and consequently to our guests. All the animals that we relieve are part of a chain that is fundamental to keeping the Farm active, the relationship of our business with the context and lifestyle we conduct and chose to carry on. An animal reared well and with serenity, when it is possible to be totally free, is an animal that has experienced positive experiences that will affect the taste it will return. Biodynamic agriculture is based on lunar cycles and ancient peasant practices as we are only a small part of the system, but it influences it decisively, so our belief is to leave this system intact and try to integrate it with style Of contemporary life.

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